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Tell us what you need, and we will work out a full solution and provide best services for you.
Glass bottle: White Opal Glass
Cap: ABS, Acrylic, Surlyn, Zamac, etc,.
Decoration: Polishing, Lacquering, Metalizing, Hot-stamping, Decal, Frosting, etc,.
Related Accessories: Pump, Collar, Chain, Metal, Plate, Box, Bag, Test Strip, etc,.

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Our in-house design team provides comprehensive advice to customers, from the introduction to the direction in 3D rendering, to understand the needs of the market and the end consumers, and provide customers with the best solution proposals that meet their expectations.
In addition to the professional design team's regularly creating new packaging designs for VIP customers' selection, we have been continuously improving the technology of custom die casting and injection molds, strictly controlling the satisfaction tolerance within 0.5mm, or even more accurately. For custom molds, it usually takes 30-35 days to complete the mold, and then it takes more than a week to modify and test. The mold is only for a specific customer and is use for exclusive design.

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We ensure that the lead time is appropriate so that you can promote the product on time.
Glass Perfume Bottle: White Opal Glass
Our factory has upgraded the production line from coal to economical gas through an advanced 6-zone I.S. perfume bottle making machine. The daily output is about 100,000 units. Before starting mass production, we will adjust the engine and conduct a surface test.
Perfume Cap: Various materials like Zamac, ABS, Surlyn, and Acrylic. And different structures like clicking, magnet, ABS with heavy inside, etc.
Perfume Packaging: Abely has a deep understanding and insight into the nature and future of the packaging industry. Our factory is equipped with the most advanced, most efficient, and flexible CTP Kodak output machine, Ricoh digital printer, and KBA 6 + 1.

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We have established a strict quality system to ensure that every perfume component has first-class quality. And all products have passed strict quality inspection standards, such as SGS, Asian inspection, etc.
DUPRO – During Production Inspection
PSI – Pre-Shipment Inspection
CLC – Container Loading Check
PM – Production Monitoring

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