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What makes a perfume so desirable inevitably also includes its gorgeous perfume bottle, as well as a range of accessories such as caps and boxes being packaged outside the perfume. More and more perfume brands are seeking bespoke and luxurious outer packaging for their fragrances, a series of actions that are achieved through professional perfume packaging suppliers. So, apart from the perfume glass bottle itself, how are the accessories selected and determined to achieve this? Is the focus on noble design, or the choice of hard materials - is Abely's product packaging line trustworthy? Yes, it can.

For more than a decade, people have been exploring the use of various materials for perfume containers, as well as searching for better perfume packaging and reliable perfume packaging wholesalers.

Abely is a manufacturer of perfume packaging material design and customization. It provides high-quality and standard perfume packaging for perfume packaging products, including perfume bottles, perfume caps, perfume boxes, and custom perfume bottle products, and strives to be the leader in the perfume packaging material industry. It is equipped with the most advanced and efficient output machines and printers. The advanced technology and high investment in machinery and equipment ensure Abely's high productivity and quality. As well as its professional service team has a deep understanding and insight into the nature of the packaging industry and the future of the perfume packaging industry. Trust Abely and choose it to provide you with the most professional one-stop perfume packaging solutions.

Why Choose Our Solution

Our main glass perfume bottles are upgraded from coal to economic gas through the advanced 6 zones IS perfume bottle maker. The daily output is about 100000 pieces. We will be tuning the engine and conducting surface tests before starting mass production.

In addition to glass perfume bottles, Abely also offers perfume bottle caps in different shapes and materials that bring different visual and tactile sensations when paired with different bottles; custom perfume accessories such as perfume spray pump collars, logo stickers, and plates, as well as packaging straps, leather, jackets and other personalized items that can be customized and chosen according to your design needs, and free samples can be provided to showcase products.

Abely offers perfume accessories that undergo rigorous quality checks such as SGS and Asia inspection before export, integrating DUPRO - Inspection During Production PSI - Pre-Shipment Inspection CLC - Container Loading Inspection PM - Production Monitoring The inspection line ensures that nothing is left to chance. Due to the global epidemic control, Abely has a large warehouse of 1500 square meters and can help customers to keep their goods for 15 days after completion free of charge, making it a perfect choice for customers.

Trust Abely, trust its aesthetics and technology, the professional team highlights the unique image of perfume through different packaging styles and shows the different brand building.

Pre-sales and after-sales service

One-stop service system

Abely can provide the perfect perfume glass bottle solution for each customer. During the preparation phase, Abely offers free consultations, responds to questions, and communicates fully with each client to help them better understand their needs. Our experienced team of designers and engineers is able to implement the client's ideas in the most cost-effective manner. Our clients are involved in the entire custom design process, discussing and refining the design together, and the whole process is transparent. We offer ODM & OEM manufacturing with an efficient and imaginative team of professionals, often with bottles carefully decorated with beautiful accessory elements to highlight the entire design.

Features of the Perfume Accessories series:

  • Perfume sprayer - pump and collar, as the main part of perfume bottle, the quality of pump collar is the key matter, including the dosage, spraying angel, pressure, durability and etc. We select the top quality sprayers from Chinese market to meet the high-end brands’ needs.

  • Logo Plate, the regular materials we chosen including zamac, stainless steel, aluminum, tin and etc. The surface of plates could be decorated in different effects according to different requirements, with various decorative effects to match different perfume packaging.

  • Personalized jacket and shoulder, for the most of custom perfume bottle, perfumers prefer to design an elegant shoulder to make the whole bottle looks exclusive and different. Some brands even put a jacket / coat on the bottles, these middle markets brands may choose ABS coat, typical brand like Al Haramain, while luxury niche brands choose zamac jackets, like Nishane.

  • Other popular accessories: Leather, ribbon, silicone, pendant and etc, as long as our clients need and we could find raw materials, we could make it. Just feel free to discuss your ideas here.

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The perfume bottle should carry more of the brand culture and connotation of the perfume, so Abely not only focuses on the design ability, fully understand the ideas expressed by the customer, but also pays extra attention to the follow-up service of the customized project, and has gained numerous fans and long-term cooperation, customers.

Most perfume bottle suppliers only care about short-term benefits, aiming to increase production speed and deliver goods. Our direction is customer-oriented solutions, while completing orders with high quality, we continue to learn, progress, update technology, maintain long-term win-win relationships with our partners, and gain a stable source of high-end market customers is our real goal.

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Solutions for perfume glass bottles and accessories