New Arrival Perfume Packaging

Customized perfume packaging solutions can be more attractive for your products. The customized perfume packaging we provided is one set, which makes the perfume more ornamental and consistent when displayed. In addition, you can customize the logo on the bottle or cap according to the type of perfume or the purpose of the display, such as hot stamping, silk-screen printing, embossing, epoxy, sticker, and so on.

You can also customize caps of different materials to show their uniqueness by customizing different collars. We also can make exclusive perfume packaging wholesale designs on the perfume box as per your concepts.   

The customized perfume packaging solution provided by Abely has its unique design and highlights, which can attract customers' attention. You can also communicate with our professional design team to customize your own customized perfume packaging solution.

Perfume Bottle:

For this new product, we choose white opalescent glass as the raw material to make the perfume bottle stronger, more transparent and smoother.

 New Arrival(图1)


Perfume Packaging Decoration:

Combining a wide range of innovations and fashion trends, using color coating, hot stamping, silkscreen, digital printing, engraving, labeling, metallization, and other technologies to show the bottle's uniqueness.

 New Arrival(图2)


Perfume Bottle Cap:

We have various materials for perfume bottle caps, such as Zamac, ABS, Surlyn, Acrylic, and so on. And design different structures, such as clicking, magnets, heavy ABS inside, etc.


 New Arrival(图3)


Custom Collar:

One of the significant ornaments which makes the whole design looks more coordinated and attractive. Customers are freely to apply the pattern, color and other elements to show their unique brand characteristics.

 New Arrival(图4)

Perfume Box:

Several options of perfume box types are available, from economic folding boxes to high-end, rigid boxes. We can make exclusive designs on the perfume box as per your concepts.   


 New Arrival(图5)

We can provide a one-stop perfume packaging solution from design to production, not only to control your costs but also to be qualified to offer high-quality collections.


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