About Abely perfume bottle wholesale

 Who is Abely?


As a professional one-stop perfume packaging supplier, we are committed to creating unique and overwhelming brand effects by designing exquisite perfume bottles of impeccable quality. A range of services of product customization is provided via our professional service team.


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About glass perfume  bottles


Each glass perfume bottle has a different design and shape. Each bottle has its own design characteristics and style. Knowing its features, you could blend the bottle in harmony with the fragrance together. A wide range of standard bottles in different capacities and the corresponding nozzles are provided according to different sealing types. The high-quality white opal glass is the only material we use for our perfume bottles. You can also print custom logos on the bottles according to your needs, such as color coating, polishing, frosting, etc. The different glass perfume bottles we provide can be adapted to different perfume types and scenes and are individually packaged on a pallet on an export carton.


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What can Abely offer?


The basic function of a perfume bottle is to store and protect the perfume inside; A delicate glass bottle can better display perfume and further enhance people's desire to buy. While a well-designed glass bottle can become a brand symbol and even a classic collection handed down to generations in the world. That is what Abely aims to bring to our clients.


How could we realize it:


Free samples


Personalized logo, including printing, foil hot stamping, and metal logo plate and etc.


Advanced decoration treatments, including lacquering, soft touching, decal, velvet flocking, 3D digital printing, water transfer and etc.


Custom projects, we have a team of experienced designers and engineers who could help to finalize your design and bring the idea into reality by creating new molds, both the design and molds are exclusive for you.


One-stop service, besides the bottles, we could provide you the secondary boxes as well. As long as you sharing us your demands with us, you will get the whole set packaging at home.




Why choose Abely as your long-term partner?


Strict Quality Inspection


Abely glass perfume bottle wholesalers are distinguished from other suppliers in the QC system. As more than 70% of our customers are high-end brands who are used to European quality, to meet their expectations, we strictly obey the international AQL rules. 100% inspection during packing and random inspection before shipments. Also, we welcome the 3rd part inspection such as SGS, Asian Inspection, Intertek and etc. It is convenient to carry out a centralized screening of all perfume glass bottles to ensure quality. According to different needs, Abely can strictly inspect the packaging of glass perfume bottles and caps to meet different needs.




Premium  Service


Abely Perfume packaging adheres to customer satisfaction-oriented values, based on the integrity of the business, become long-term cooperation of customers, reliable packaging partners. We provide free consulting services such as market research and analysis, product design and etc. After the order is confirmed, we will send your pre-production samples for your final approval, then share your production pictures/videos so that you will be always clear on your goods. Any feedback or complaints after shipments, we will reply within 24 hours and give a solution within one week.



Highly  Confidential


As a glass perfume bottle supplier with customized packaging and customized projects, we have long-term cooperation with the most important perfumes manufacturer in the Middle East, Europe, and the United States. Confidentiality and safety are of the utmost importance. Abely Perfume Manufacturing helps to achieve safety and confidentiality in many different ways, such as signing a confidentiality agreement, providing free samples for quality inspection, etc.




Efficiency  Improvement


Choose different delivery methods according to different product orders, for example, sample or trial orders for regular express service and bulk orders for sea or air transportation according to your requirements. The above ways mentioned are about maximizing efficiency and saves costs. Any inquiry or contact about the product customization will be greatly welcomed.




Advanced Technics


Different from other suppliers,Abely offers a variety of glass bottle decorations, including screen printing, hot stamping, color coating, flocking/velvet, laser, etching, metallization, water transfer, frosting, soft-touch, decals, And more choices, not just a single glass perfume bottle, you can choose your own decoration according to your needs, each decoration is very textured, making your perfume unique.





Abely glass perfume bottle wholesale can benefit you in different ways, including the users’ experience and commercial application. In the selection of glass perfume bottle customization, We provide a full range of quality services, we can do what others do and make it better. In the process of Abely perfume bottle manufacturing, a Professional team and customer-oriented service to complete the entire solution are required. Abely is a reliable supplier of perfume glass bottles. Contact now to get free consulting!