Design a suitable cap for your perfume bottle

About  Abely  Perfume Bottle Caps


A perfume bottle is a container that is used to fill perfume, preserve perfume, and for daily usage. The perfume bottle cap is an important part of perfume packaging whose design structure of the bottle cap not only affects the cost of the product, but also affects the shelf life of the perfume, and it can even improve the appearance of the perfume packaging. Similarly, it will also affect the experience of perfumes' usage. This is why it is necessary to design a beautiful, unique, and convenient perfume bottle cap. As a perfume bottle manufacturer, Abely not only provides a variety of cap designs selection but also offers customer services for personalized perfume caps to make them unique.





Understanding of perfume bottle caps



1.Choose the material of the cap

The commonly used bottle cap materials on the market are Zamac, ABS, acrylic, surlyn, and wood. In order to prevent the perfume from corroding, an inner cap in PP material must is used to be added to perfume lids except for the Surlyn cap.


For the uniqueness and particularity that the designers desire, the design of most perfume bottle caps is usually stylish and complicated which presents its brand characteristics, which these kinds of lids Are exclusive designs that should create private molds for mass production. With its rich experience, Abely is sophisticated in realizing the complex structure in a cost-effective solution.


Zamac cap, the first choice of famous niche brands, shows the perfect combination of cost,  stability, ductility, impact strength, and finish characteristics. The luxurious material of alloy zinc has a heavy metal texture and coolness of touching, which is passed through die-casting molds. After brushing or manual polishing, the color is coated by electroplating or electrophoresis. It is mainly judged from three main aspects: the content of zinc, the thickness of the electroplated layer, and the details of the surface treatment.


Zamac has very high requirements for purity. Abely perfume packaging supplier chooses the best quality Zamac material, the chemical composition meets  International standards, and the zinc content exceeds 95%, which ensures that high-quality Zamac bottle caps are obtained from the raw materials. Abely has carried out various tests before shipment, such as salt spray test, tensile test, etc. At the same time, we accept the third part of the inspection, such as SGS, Asian inspection, etc., to ensure that each of your perfume ingredients has first-class quality.




Unlike other bottle caps, Surlyn perfume caps are more special. It is made of Surlyn resin with good abrasion resistance, scratch resistance, and corrosion resistance. Abely perfume manufacturers can choose different materials to make perfume bottle caps according to users’ needs, making the perfume bottle cap transparent, which can make the bottle cap have better color purity and be decorated with any color.




ABS bottle caps are similar in appearance to expensive zamac, but they are cost-effective. ABS provides a variety of customized caps of different materials. You can choose different perfume cap materials according to your needs, design, and budget, and design ideas for your Unexpectedly satisfactory bottle cap.




The color acrylic bottle caps with crystal transparency provided by Abely have an excellent color rendering effect, lightweight, and low cost, so it is very popular.




Wooden caps are particularly suitable for classic perfumes with long-lasting properties. Different from the other materials, wood is cutting mold,  it is the only one that you could personalize its shape without extra expensive mold tooling cost.




Product packaging is an integral part of the sensory experience of each perfume. Abely has an experienced team of designers and engineers and strives to help you determine the ideal perfume packaging. Your perfume is not only consistent in appearance but also beautiful.




2.Determine the size of the bottleneck. There are usually three neck sizes: FEA13mm, FEA15mm, and FEA18mm. The most commonly used in the market is FEA15mm (here, take FEA 15mm neck as an example)

The size (standard size) of the pump neck corresponding to each bottleneck is as follows (different pump companies have slightly different numbers):

FEA13mm-Pump (14.3mm) Collar (15.3mm)

FEA15mm-Pump (16.3mm) Collar (17.3mm)

FEA18mm-Pump (20.8mm) Collar (21.8mm)

Abely can customize unique bottle caps according to your bottle body to meet various needs.




3.Determine the minimum outer diameter of the bottle cap according to the cap material.

Zamac: Usually at least 2mm.

ABS: Its thickness is about 1mm to 1.5mm.

Surlyn: about 2 mm

Wood: at least 2-2.5mm.

The minimum outer diameter of the cover = material thickness * 2 + the inner thickness of the cover * 2 + the diameter of the collar, you can ask for it, and Abraham can help you understand the smallest possible diameter during the initial stretching, and provide 2D free of charge as needed / 3D engineering drawing.




4.You just need to share your ideal external dimension and design of your perfume bottle cap, we will refine the details, adjust the internal structure, fitment, and repeatedly test to make sure the bottle, cap, and sprayer pump would match each other perfectly. Make it not only a simple and exquisitely shaped perfume container but also a brand connotation and meaningful private value for collection.





The perfume bottle cap plays an important part in the entire perfume design. How to make your perfume design eye-catching, distinctive, and different from other perfume brands on the market?



In addition to choosing different materials to customize perfume bottle caps, Abely also provides a comprehensive packaging solution. Abely has an independent factory, advanced technology, high investment machinery, and equipment to ensure the high production capacity and high quality of perfume bottle cap orders. Once Before the order is submitted successfully, We will help to make a timeline schedule in advance, including production time, shipment situation so that you could make your launching plan timely. Our creative and efficient designer team provides one-stop service, including tools, samples, mass production, and can also provide free 2D/3D engineering drawings as needed, and professional and strict quality inspections can be carried out if necessary.  Abely can meet your specific expectations for perfume bottle caps and will also provide a variety of options for your reference. Contact now to make your perfume plan!