About Abely Perfume Bottle Design and Case

The History of Perfume Bottles


The origin of perfume bottles can be traced back to 1500 BC.  During Greek and Roman times, perfume bottles began to be used as personal pleasure items. At that time, glassware was still a symbol of power and dignity.


In 50 BC, the glass blowing process was greatly improved in Syria. Transparent glass perfume bottles decorated with stained glass became the treasures of the upper-class ladies in Rome. At the same time, metal and enamel containers appeared in the perfume market.


The time spans to the 18th century. Oriental fragrances in ceramic bottles have become a trend. The fragility of ceramics and the difficulty of transportation make these fragrances precious. In the movie "The Peerless Queen", Queen Marie Antoinette was deeply fascinated by oriental ceramics, leading the fashion of the aristocracy.


Among all the materials, glass is the most suitable for holding perfume. It will not cause any chemical interaction with the liquid to cause the scent to change. Its bottle cap is denser, which is conducive to locking the taste. Perfume and glass bottles became regulars on women's dressing tables until the late 19th century. In the 20th century, perfume bottle design accelerated the frequency of trend changes.


In the first 10 years of the 20th century, the Art Nouveau movement reached its peak, when the design of perfume bottles was full of whimsical ideas. Perfume bottles of this period often used cork stoppers to store perfume like wine.


In 1907, the spray bottle was born. A balloon was connected to the outside of the bottle. When the balloon was pressed, the perfume liquid was atomized and sprayed out.

The most successful perfume in the 1920s was the famous Chanel No.5. It is packed in a simple square bottle with a simple paper label and glass mouth. The linear design reflects Coco Chanel's non-obtrusive character and simple modern design concept.


The revival of perfume bottles will have to wait until the end of World War II in the late 1940s. This time, the glass blow molding process has moved to the grave. The variety of perfume bottle designs reflects people's pursuit of individuality. Materials such as metal and plastic, hand-painted, enamel, and other decorations have begun to rise.


In the 1960s, people's preference for perfume bottles was beautiful lines and bright colors.


The design of the perfume bottle also conformed to the trend of simple style in the 1990s. With the development of the outsourcing industry, the production of perfume bottles has moved to develop countries. Perfume bottle suppliers have paid attention to and valued this promising industry.


The perfume bottles that came out after the 21st century are endless and unique. But one thing is indisputable. Perfume bottles are becoming more and more of the brand's "cash cow" category, and the selection of perfume bottle packaging materials is becoming more and more rigorous and strict. Abely perfume bottle manufacturer relies on its professional service team, advanced technology, quality assurance, and signed strict confidentiality agreements to ensure that every perfume ingredient has first-class quality.

Advantages of Abely Perfume Bottle Design


The design concept of the perfume bottles we provide is not only profoundly unique, functional in nature, but also aesthetically delicate. Our perfume bottles can be customized according to different needs and are unique. We provide a truly sensory experience at all levels, and customers can establish a full range of personal relationships through each of our perfume bottle designs and perfumes.


As a leading company in perfume packaging suppliers, our in-house designer team will provide you with comprehensive  understand the needs of the market and end consumers, from introduction to 3D rendering  finishing versions, and provide you with the most suitable solution that perfectly meets your expectations.


If you are determined to create an unique perfume bottle,start from the perspective of inspiration you provide, Abely can bring you a brand-new bottle design and further customize the whole package. It is a completely new design based on your idea, which is sufficiently different from the existing design to avoid any possibility of infringing intellectual property rights.

Perfume is the soul, Design is the skeleton


Daniel Josier, a talent perfumer of Spain, he is the driving force behind his eponymous brand, Daniel Josier, which is a niche perfume brand that active on the stage of major international perfume award ceremonies, also is precious collection for these perfume lovers.


What are the reasons for choosing Abely as partners in many perfume suppliers? Here is our story.


Daniel is a clear-headed, intelligent handsome gentleman,he knows well what he expected, I guess it is the reason why he achieved such big progress in short time. We met up in 2016 after he created his young signature perfumeDaniel Josierin 2014, since then we have been keeping good long-term cooperation and growing up together. We started on existing standard perfume lids at the first 2 years, then created exclusive customized cap in the 3rd year,at that time, he had brought his brand from Spain to the whole Europe. Now, his business has expanded to the United States, Canada, Latin America, the Middle East and other countries and regions, our cooperation has expanded from single perfume caps to bottle cap complete sets, and the number of orders has also increased from 5,000 to 50,000. 


In the past years, we also met all kinds of difficulty and accidents, but timely communication and reaction are the key that helped so much to find solutions. Good cooperation benefits both of us and makes us not only business partners, but also friends.


We thank him for introducing us to some new friends, who have became our solid partners as well.For example, Somens brand, its owner is Ms.Georgina, a enthusiastic and creative lady.She brings us a lot of new ideas and promotes us to improve ourselves. At the same time, her passion and love for perfume have also contributed to the development of her perfume career. We have been working together to develop new projects and look forward to witnessing the success of new products.


The attractiveness of perfume is not only the unique and beautiful fragrance but also the exquisite perfume bottle design. Customers can provide their own concept or preliminary design. Abely engineers will adjust and perfect the design. After the design sketch is approved, begin to prepare physical 3D samples, further check the design overview, and then convert this design into the final technical drawing. After passing the review, submit it to the production department. The progress of making prototype molds or complete production molds.


We have a comprehensive service team, you can talk to them freely if you have any questions, and get replied to within 24 hours; an experienced designer team regularly creates new designs with innovative sensitivity to help customers lead the packaging trend; from machine updates to packaging details To improve, Abely’s production team has been working hard. Each time before mass production, the machine will be adjusted and the surface treatment will be tested. During each production process, our experienced QC team does a full inspection before packing, and pre-shipment inspection again that strictly obeys the international AQL standards is precise because we consistently maintain a patient service attitude and control the quality, which has attracted countless customers.

The charm of perfume comes not only from its taste but also from the container in which it is loaded. From ancient times to the present, perfume masters have known that only the most typical perfume bottle could presents the most pleasant fragrance in the most greatest extent. Abely perfume packaging supplier not only provides unique and elegant perfume packaging materials,various of advanced decorations, but also displays the perfume in a completely innovative, customized, beautiful, and overall olfactory way.